ShoreTel Mobility Router MR2000

ShoreTel MR 2000 Mobility Router (Refurbished) 80120

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Free Shipping In The Continental United States offers the highest quality  refurbished ShoreTel MR 2000  on the market!

The Shoretel Mobility Router will provide users with an innovative and highly adaptable network appliance that combines users voice and unified communication. This Router will allow users to make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal mobile phones.


  • Supports 10 to 100 users
  • Available with Secure Remote Voice
  • Provides Mobile UC on smartphones and tablets from a wide variety of platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian/Nokia
  • Low-cost in-building voice coverage leveraging the enterprise WLAN
  • Reduced cellular charges costs through elimination of international roaming and direct dial charges on mobile devices
  • Improved enterprise visibility and control over cellular usage
  • Easy Integration with existing UC infrastructure and applications


  • ShoreTel MR 2000
  • Power Cable has the highest quality Refurbished ShoreTel available. IP930D ,IP655, IP565, IP560G, IP485G, IP480G, IP480, IP420G , IP420 , IP265, IP230G, IP230,IP115 , BB24, BB424. ShoreTel switches SG90, SG90V, SG50,SG50V, SG30 , SG220T1A, SG220T1, SG24A